Choose Your Home Care Consultant Wisely

Choose a healthcare credentialing consultant that does it all.  We successfully obtain credentialing in various programs such as Medicaid, Medicaid waivers (Medicaid Waiver Network), Insurance Companies, Managed Care Organizations, Veterans Affairs, Federal Workers’ Compensation, and Long-term Care.  We also specialize in home care billing and run a virtual assistance team to work as your back office.

With our success in helping clients under 21st Century Health Care Consultants, Healthcare Credentialing Solutions has opened our doors to help home care and home healthcare agencies in all 50 states. We pride ourselves in our ability to complete applications and provide more opportunities to help agencies grow.  Our team works as an extension of yours to secure more contracts and provide you with the opportunities to grow your business through various programs available to you.

Healthcare Credentialing Solutions

Today Healthcare Credentialing Solutions has 10 full-time employees located at its Florida headquarters we share with 21st Century Health Care Consultants. During our existence, Healthcare Credentialing Solutions has navigated Medicaid programs and insurance companies for agencies across America.

21st Century Health Care Consultants

Working hand-in-hand with 21st Century, we compliment the great work they do by being the income portion of your business. Through our credentialing process, we add sources of referrals and income to your business to help take you to the next level.

Why have we been so successful helping so agencies obtain credentialing and contracts?

The fact is that we are only focused on the home care and home healthcare business.  We have become experts in Medicaid and Medicaid waivers so we know what is available and what we can do to help your agency get enrolled.  We have learned from the best in the business at 21st Century and have become a vital part of hundreds of agencies.  This allows us to provide the very best credentialing opportunities for home health care agencies.  We specialize in these contracts and have built relationships with the organizations that matter most to you.

Rosina McFadden, BSN, MS is the owner and founder of 21st Century Health Care Consultants. She has been hailed as the pioneer of the home care consulting industry. A former CHAP accredited senior site surveyor; she received her BSN from Hunter College and an MS in community health administration from Long Island University. She was the first vice president of the home care association of New York State and developed procedures for recording and maintenance of records to provide improved accessibility, clarity, time efficiency, and possible analysis of data. She has held many distinguished roles in healthcare including Chairperson of the Public Policy Committee, member of the Legislative Analysis and Action Committee for the Home Care Association, first vice president of the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Lung Association, member of the New York State Senate Health Committee, member of the Paraprofessional Taskforce and member of the Professional Affairs Policy Committee of the Greater New York Hospital Association. Rosina was the recipient of the Ruth F. Wilson Award from the Home Care Association of New York State for outstanding contributions of statewide significance to the home care field and recipient of the New York State Legislature’s Nurse of Distinction Nurse of the Year Award.

Some of Rosina’s professional accomplishments include:

  • Pioneering New York’s Long-Term Home Health Care Program which became the model for new programs and remains the largest and most successful in the state.
  • Organizing the largest and most successful lifeline program in the country.
  • Negotiating the first fee-for-service nursing contract in the US which has increased the overall availability of nurses nationwide.
  • Founding a nationally recognized home care department whose budget grew to $20 million and 260,000 home visits under her leadership.
  • Providing leadership and expertise in the development of the Long-Term Home Health Care Program for the state of Hawaii.

John Dapello is a managing member of 21st Century Health Care Consultants and acts as its servant leader and president.

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