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Get client referrals from Medicaid,
Medicaid Waivers, Insurance Providers
and the Veteran's Health Administration.

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Do You Need Health Care Credentials to Grow Your Agency?

If you own a Home Care Agency or Health Care office of any kind you need health care credentials to work with and bill agencies.  Obtaining these credentials is a long and complex process that is nearly a full time job in itself with all the research required.  This takes your valuable time away from other areas of your business that need your attention.  Let us handle it for you because this is what we do!

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Medicaid Credentialing

Medicaid has over 300 waiver programs that allow patients to live in their homes rather than be in an institution or facility.  This greatly reduces cost to the program and offers the private sector to fill this need.  Find out how you can get referrals from Medicaid for your business with the proper credentials.

Insurance Credentialing

Insurance Credentialing

We have over a decade of experience working with insurance companies and Workman’s comp in providing you the proper credentials for your business to get their referrals.  There are literally thousands of people that need your services right now!  Learn how to get these referrals.

Seal of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Credentialing

Our Veterans are some of our greatest resources.  Many of them have given a great deal to provide us the freedoms we live under every day.  You can give back to these selfless heroes by caring for them so that they can live comfortably  in their homes.  Find out what credentials you need to get referrals from the VHA.

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Save Time & Money on Health Care Credentialing

Getting health care credentials for your Home Health Care business is very time consuming and tedious.  At HealthCare Credentialing Solutions we have a dedicated team of professionals ready to service all of your credentialing needs.  No matter what the size of your agency or practice, we can work with you to keep all your credentialing paperwork up to date.  Our company prides itself in providing excellent service, fair pricing, and accurate, reliable credentialing management.

Our Products and Services

  • Healthcare Provider Enrollment
  • Complete Support for all your payers provider enrollment needs
  • Credentialing new staff to be a provider of services
  • Responsible for completing all applications and re-validation requirements by payers
  • Maintain all provider credentialing support documents
  • Notify clients of any expiring credentialing support documents
  • Demographic updates with payers
  • CAQH validation and maintence
  • Maintain complete client files of all forms, contracts and applications sent to payers
  • CME maintenance

Who Benefits from Credentialing Services

  • Home Care Agencies
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Hospice Agencies
  • Behavioral Health Clinics

With businesses doing more with less are you spending too much time filling out unmanageable credentialing or re-credentialing applications from many medical groups, health plans or other affiliations?  We help thousands of providers across the country keep their health care credentials maintained to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  Work smarter and not harder.  Hire an expert to deal with these mind numbing tasks that not only take you or your staffs valuable time away from the work at hand but save all the time they need to check all the current specifics to make sure you comply.  Our expert staff stays on top of this for you.

Millions of Americans Need Your Help

It is extremely costly to house and care for long-term care patients in institutional settings such as hospitals and nursing homes. These waiver programs allow recipients to live in the comfort of their own homes while under the care of a professional like yourself. It is a win-win situation. It saves the programs money and provides the private sector much needed jobs and revenue.


Veterans in the United States


Veterans with 70% disability or higher


People on Disability


Americans Need Some Form of Care

Learn More About How to Market Your Business to Grow Your Client List with Credentialing.

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From industry pioneers! Health Care Credentialing got it’s start with 21st Century Health Care Consultants but was so successful it was branched off into it’s own business.  Now specifically serving you and you needs for credentialing in the Home Care industry.